Finn Hill Park and Recreation District created by FHNA in lieu of King County commitment

Finn Hill Park and Recreation District

Because of staggering budgetary shortfalls in the next few years, King County has become unable to operate and maintain Denny Park properly, DCNA has responded to this by forming a local park and recreation district, as authorized in State law, with tax authority adequate for the park’s proper maintenance and operation. This authority, the Finn Hill Park and Recreation District, was approved by 72% of the residents of the district who voted on November 5th. The commissioners are Scott Lumsden, Jim Sproull, Frank Radford, Leigh Readdy and Sandy Cox.

An enormous amount of work by many volunteers; both DCNA members and others, went into getting signatures needed to place the measure on the ballot, on technical issues related to the new district, and on getting out the vote. The concept was initiated and critical advice supplied by Ken Davidson. DCNA’s activities were led by Frank Radford, with effective back up from Cheryl Meyers. All who were involved should feel truly satisfied about the result.

Under the terms of the Helen Denny will, Denny Park is owned by Seattle. Seattle has been contracting with King County to maintain and operate the park, but will now transfer this responsibility to the FHPD. In turn, the district will contract maintenance to a public entity able to carry out such functions; most probably the City of Kirkland or King County.

The district has the same boundaries as the Finn Hill annexation area (approximately, from the Kirkland City line north along 100th Ave. NE, and then east on Simmons Road and along 145th Street to the southern border of St. Edward Park and the Lake). The tax rate for maintaining the park and operating the district. is $7.25 per $100,000 valuation. Seattle, Kirkland and King County, were are involved in the planning process and all are set to cooperate with the new district.

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