DCNA Opposes Use of Parkland for Fire Station and Parking Lot

The Denny Creek Neighborhood Alliance (DCNA) Board of Directors has gone on record opposing the proposed location of a new fire station. At it’s monthly board meeting on Tuesday, February 22nd, DCNA voted to express its opposition to the proposed location of a new fire station on Finn Hill.

DCNA, with a longstanding mission to preserve, protect, and restore the natural resources of the area and promote stewardship of wildlife and the environment, is a non-profit representing Finn Hill residents since 1993. A majority of Board members, after considering objections voiced by longtime supporters in attendance at the meeting, agreed that the location of a proposed new fire station in an area of Big Finn Hill Park west of Juanita Drive undermines goals that are critically important to the community.

The new fire station has been proposed by Fire District #41 to replace and consolidate two other existing fire stations on Finn Hill. The acreage designated for the building is in existing King County parkland used daily by hikers and bikers. The sight of a bulldozer last week in the park to retrieve soil samples raised concerns among many residents, who’ve heard little if any details on the proposal or the rationale for its siting.

The DCNA Board will be contacting the Fire District, City of Kirkland, and King County to discuss its concerns. It will also be expressing those concerns at a related March 8th public hearing scheduled for 7pm at the Kirkland Stake Center (Mormon Church) at the corner of Juanita Drive and NE 132nd.

The Board encourages everybody in the community to learn more and participate. More information will be shared by DCNA via emails to its supporters and here on the website.

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