There’s a Conservation Election Going On

The King Conservation District (King CD) is holding a public election for the Board of Supervisor position #2. The King CD provides information and technical assistance programs that are available to all landowners within the district’s boundaries on a voluntary, non-regulatory basis. King CD programs are hands-on, site specific, action and results oriented; and it initiates community outreach activities in most of King County that include workshops, education programs, site visits, farm plans, and consultation on land, water, and wildlife management. Funding for District programs and services comes from a local special assessment and state grants. A five-member Board of Supervisors governs the King CD. Four candidates are in the field for the district’s board of supervisor (position #2). They include Douglas “Bruce” Elliott, Kent; Teri Herrera, Redmond; Eric K. Nelson, Duvall and Preston Prudente of Sammamish. The 30-day, on-line public election period begins February 15, 2011 and ends at 9 pm March 15. The secure two-step voting process includes confirmation of voter eligibility followed by voting. Voter eligibility applications are available for downloading. Visit  for links to application forms and information on the election. Individuals registered to vote in King County are eligible to vote.

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