Praise at annual meeting for DCNA’s efforts from Kirkland

City of Kirkland urban forester Deb Powers and Green Team volunteer Nona Ganz praised Denny Creek Neighborhood Alliance’s legacy in presentations before about 75 people at the DCNA annual meeting on April 28.

Powers, who works in the Planning Department, lauded DCNA for being years ahead of Kirkland in developing ordinances to protect trees and native vegetation. Kirkland, seen as a leader in environmental standards, came out with its legislation protecting trees about seven years after DCNA founders worked with King County to enact a special district overlay that limits tree clearing in the Finn Hill area in order to help prevent erosion and landslides.

Ganz, a former Kirkland City Councilperson, who now supports the City’s environmental volunteerism program knows as Green Kirkland Partnership, spoke of the many volunteers and number of hours contributed to restoring Kirkland parks. She noted that as municipal funding is decreased through budget shortfalls, volunteers will need to shoulder more of the burden to keep parks maintained.

DCNA Board members Ellen Haas and Francesca Lyman presented information on a recent initiative by the Board to envision Finn Hill in the year 2050. The Board will be exploring what area residents would like the area to be like in 40 years and what it will take to get there.

Haas and Lyman were among the incumbent and new Board members affirmed by voice vote to lead the organization in 2011-12. In addition, Scott Morris returns for a second year as president, joined by new treasurer Anne Fleming, Lou Berner, Kurt Brunnenkant, Meg Tally Hunt, Kristen Lloyd, Barbara Walsh, Bruce White, Teresa White, and Jeff Hoerth. Praise went to three leaving the Board: Mike Anderson, Robbie Leviton, and Tracy Doering. Each was presented a fleece vest embroidered with the DCNA logo as way of thanks for their contributions.

Fire District 41 commissioner Jim Lloyd gave an update on the fire station consolidation process, noting that the final decision will be taken up by the City of Kirkland. He is confident that the City will look out for the best interests of residents in the area.

Haas and Berner also gave a recap on the collaborative efforts of DCNA with EAS students, UW Cascadia students, Cedar River Watershed, and Evergreen Mountain Bike Association in helping to clear ivy and replant trees in the Juanita Woodlands as well as rebuild a washed out bridge in Big Finn Hill Park.

Kristen Lloyd described a mapping project that will help to define trails in OO Denny Park and which may later lead to historic signage on the trails and information on connections to St. Edward’s State park and Big Finn Hill Park.

Tally Hunt and Lyman reviewed the Denny Fest celebration last September and the Christmas Ships viewing in December, both at OO Denny Park. Doering provided information on the launch of a newly updated website for the organization. Doering and webmaster Eric Twelker have moved the site (at which you are now looking) to a WordPress platform.

Finn Hill Parks and Recreation District Commissioner Rick Smith invited anyone interested in running for either of the open seats up for election in the Fall on the commission. (See article elsewhere on this website for more details.)

Hoerth supplied an update on the annexation process and invited interested persons to step forward and participate in the formation of a neighborhood association that will work with Kirkland in passing information back and forth between Finn Hill residents and City staff. Two related events are taking place in the next few weeks to which residents are invited. (Details in separate article on this website.)

Area resident Kathy Fries presented information on a proposal to create an alternative playground for Carl Sandburg Elementary School students to use while construction of a new school takes place in the area where the current playground is sited. She and other project organizers are seeking donations of money, supplies, and labor to help with the project. Details can be found in another article on this website.

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