DCNA comments on proposed Big Finn Hill Park lacrosse field

On July 21, DCNA submitted comments to King County Parks on an envirnonmental checkist that Kirkland Youth Lacrosse prepared for its proposed lacrosse field project in Big Finn Hill Park.

The SEPA (State Environmental Protection Act) checklist and related information concerning the project that have been posted on the King County Parks Department web site: http://www.kingcounty.gov/recreation/parks/about/notices/bigfinn.aspx.

In brief, DCNA’s comments questioned the adequacy of several aspects of the checklist, particularly its sections dealing with lighting, nighttime noise, and the control of surface water runoff. DCNA’s comments can be viewed here: DCNA comments on SEPA checklist for lacrosse field

Neighbors living to the north of Big Finn Hill Park also submitted extensive comments questioning the checklist. Their comments can be read here: Finn Hill Neighbors Response to Sepa Checklist

King County Parks is now evaluating comments on the checklist and will forward a final determination about it to the City of Kirkland, which will be responsible for determining whether or not the project will have a significant environmental impact (which would trigger the requirement for a full environmental impact report). The City of Kirkland will also determine whether to issue a grading permit for proposed work on the field; this determination will be based on recommendations from King County DDES, which received the permit application in May, before Finn Hill was annexed by Kirkland.

We will keep you posted as to developments concerning the lacrosse field project. We expect to post a summary of the governmental review process and an estimated timeline in the next few days.

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