Important Finn Hill Neighborhood Organizational Meeting on November 30 — Vote on Amendments to DCNA Bylaws and Elect Additional Directors

DCNA members and Finn Hill residents are urged to attend the following important meeting:

When:                  Wednesday, November 30, 7pm-8:30pm

Where:                Finn Hill Junior High School Cafeteria (east of the gymnasium), 8040 NE 132nd Street (near corner of 84th Avenue NE)


  • Vote on amendments to Denny Creek Neighborhood Alliance bylaws and name change to Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance (FHNA)
  • Vote to accept FHNA as Kirkland’s official neighborhood association
  • Election of 5 additional members to the board of directors

Following Finn Hill’s annexation by Kirkland in June, you have probably seen multiple emails or newspaper articles about efforts to shape an organization that the City will recognize as Finn Hill’s neighborhood association.  After long consideration, the board of directors of the Denny Creek Neighborhood Alliance (DCNA) and many Finn Hill residents have proposed that DCNA should represent the whole of Finn Hill, amend its name and bylaws, and serve as the Finn Hill association.

At the November 30th meeting, DCNA members will decide whether DCNA should take this step, and Finn Hill residents will decide whether DCNA should indeed be accepted as Finn Hill’s neighborhood association.

This represents an important change for DCNA. The amended bylaws change the organization’s name to the Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance, but retain DCNA’s focus on protecting, preserving, and restoring the environment, while adding a role in addressing civic issues facing the neighborhood. The new bylaws also define how the organization will function as a Kirkland neighborhood association acting on behalf of Finn Hill.  These changes do not signify the end of DCNA’s legacy, but the expansion of it to embrace the whole of Finn Hill.

If you live on Finn Hill, whether you are a DCNA member or not, this meeting will shape what your neighborhood association will look like and how it will govern itself. Your vote matters and we hope you will take this opportunity to cast it.

An agenda for the meeting appears below.  (You can also view it here: November 30 Agenda.)

Please note the vote to amend DCNA bylaws is open to DCNA members in good standing, i.e., Finn Hill residents who have paid at least $25 dues since December 31, 2009, or who do so at the beginning of the meeting. If the bylaw amendments are approved, all subsequent votes will be open to anyone who is a Finn Hill resident.

We urge you to review the background materials carefully. These include copies of the DCNA 2006 Bylaws (the current  bylaws) and the Proposed Bylaw Amendments and the accompanying Finn Hill Boundary Map. The other attachment is a Summary of Bylaw Amendments and principal questions concerning the November 30 meeting,  which includes information on how to find out if you are a DCNA member in good standing.

The proposed bylaws have been debated extensively at DCNA members’ and public meetings over the past few months. We will briefly describe the bylaws on November 30th but we hope to avoid extended discussion at the meeting so that we can proceed through the planned agenda efficiently. If you have questions that the attached materials do not answer, please post your inquiries at or email We will do our best to respond promptly.

We look forward to seeing you on the 30th. 

Board of Directors, Denny Creek Neighborhood Alliance                                Finn Hill Organizing Committee




1. Welcome & Presentation of Agenda

2. Vote on Proposed DCNA Bylaws Amendments – vote by DCNA members in good standing

  • Summary of principal provisions of proposed bylaws
  • Vote on proposed bylaws
  • Announcement of Vote on proposed bylaws

3. Vote to Accept FHNA as Finn Hill’s Neighborhood Association – vote by all Finn Hill residents in attendance

4. Election of 5 Additional Directors to FHNA Board of Directors – vote by all Finn Hill residents in attendance

  • Introduction of nominees
  • Vote on nominees
  • Announcement of results

5. Conclusion & Adjournment


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