Community meeting on January 18 to consider new Finn Hill fire station plans

On Wednesday, January 18, Kirkland will host a community forum in the Finn Hill Junior High Cafeteria at 7pm to review the process for siting a new fire station on Finn Hill.

Fire Chief Kevin Nalder, City Manager Kurt Triplett, and the City’s architectural and design consultant will present information on the need for a new station, the criteria for selecting the site of a new station, and the public review process for evaluating potential locations. For more information on the meeting , see the City’s web page regarding the new Finn Hill station:

Locating a station in Big Finn Hill Park, a proposal whichgenerated considerable interest last year, continues to be an option, so we urge you to attend the meeting on January 18 and advise City officials
of your concerns and preferences.

The focus of the meeting will be on alternatives for a new
station, but City officials will also address the status of Fire Station 24.

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