Reminder: King County Council members Ferguson and Hague host town hall on Wednesday, February 1, at Finn Hill Jr High

This is an additional reminder that King County Council
members Bob Ferguson and Jane Hague are hosting a neighborhood meeting in the
cafeteria of Finn Hill Junior High this Wednesday at 7pm. Finn Hill Junior Hill
is located on 132nd Street, at the corner of 84th Avenue.

As you may know, Council member Jane Hague’s district has
included Finn Hill for many years, and she has been instrumental in helping
this community save the Juanita Woodlands, establish the Finn Hill Park and
Recreation District, and enact legislation to protect significant trees and
minimize hillside erosion. As a result of King County’s recent redistricting,
the Finn Hill neighborhood has been moved out of Jane Hague’s district and into
the district of Council member Bob Ferguson, who also serves the communities of
Redmond, Bothell, Kenmore, Lake Forest, Shoreline, and North Seattle. Jane will
continue to represent Kirkland to the south of Finn Hill and Juanita, as well
as Bellevue and Mercer Island.

The meeting on February 1 will be an opportunity for Bob to
introduce himself personally to us and for Jane and Bob to discuss how they
expect to work together in King County government on issues of common interest
to Kirkland residents. And, most importantly, this meeting will provide you
with a chance to ask questions about issues that affect Finn Hill and the
County generally. If you have a question about how the County will address the
pending lacrosse field project in Big Finn Hill Park, or how the County’s parks
on Finn Hill will be supported in the future, or how Metro will address
transportation issues on Finn Hill – this is a great time to put your question
to your representatives on the County Council.

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