Dog Blog:  A is for April and Alpha

Dog Blog: A is for April and Alpha

Confessions of a Black Lab:

I could have been called “High Bid,” but “April” sounded better. 

That’s what my parents, Karen and Dick Sandaas, say, since they originally got me as an auction item at the Rotary Club Dinner, held April 1st, 2000. That makes me– a high-energy, non-stop Black Lab– a Millennium Puppy.

And, since my parents brought me home on April Fools Day, what does that make them?  Lucky to have me!
Now that I’m 12 1/2 years old — making me 87 point 5 human years old — I get to be a bit of a curmudgeon. Yes, I’ve slowed down a bit, and prefer to carry and chase my toy rather than play with the younger dogs in my pack, who get a little carried away. Anyway, it’s fun to reflect on my life, interests, and adventures.

I live every day to the hilt, extracting whatever I can from it, whether it’s treats or toys or tennis balls, which I can retrieve at 85 miles an hour from out of the weeds, or under the reception tables with the cracker crumbs at wine tastings in Walla Walla. So my nickname is “Jaws.”  Humans are so slow! Not my parents, though….they’re well-trained.
My favorite pastimes? Well, one used to be chasing my roommate Kramer the cat, although my dad says we’re now in a state of ‘detente,’ whatever that means. Maybe it’s because he’d rather be sleeping, which he does a very good job at. So it finally became boring. But I love chasing the new and expanded flocks of Canadian geese that have turned up this Spring. When I’m not watching Seinfeld.
Call me Webfoot. I also love going out on my parents’ boat, smelling the air and riding with the wind in my fur, chugging across Lake Washington, and sometimes the Puget Sound. What a great life they’ve given me, including time at the Woodmark Hotel with mascot Woody, at Yappy Hour.
My favorite word is Cookie. Helps keep my black coat nice and shiny. I also love the sound of Suppertime and Walkie, which my parents think they’re cleverly disguising by spelling them. I learned those words long ago. What kind of a Fool do they take me for?

After all, it was they who brought me home on April 1st.
Happy week of July Fourth!
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2 Responses to “Dog Blog: A is for April and Alpha”

  1. F Lyman says:

    We have another Dog Blog in the works, border collie Brooke, next, going down the Alphabet. Please send in yours!

  2. Sherry Rind says:

    Since the neighborhood is swarming with dogs, there should be no problem finding one for just about every letter in the alphabet. Surely there are dogs named Xavier and Zena somewhere in Kirkland!