Evolving to Today

Evolving to Today

When Kirkland annexed Finn Hill in June 2011, DCNA had the chance to expand its horizons and be recognized by the City as a neighborhood association for all of Finn Hill. It is now Kirkland’s largest neighborhood with a population of over 15,000.

At a public meeting on November 30, 2011, DCNA members amended the organization’s bylaws changed its name to Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance. At the same meeting, Finn Hill residents in attendance voted to adopt the newly named FHNA as the area’s neighborhood organization, approving a mission statement  that embraces both DCNA’s historic focus–preserving Finn Hill’s unique environmental assets and embracing a commitment to engage in other issues of common interest.

Past DCNA Presidents:

Ellen Haas – 1995
John Strother -1995-6
Frank Radford -1996
Beck Elan – 1998
Clayton Rich – 2000 
Cheryl Meyers – 2002
Patti Anderson – 2004
Jeff Hoerth – 2005
Scott Morris – 2010

There’s a plaque dedicated to the memory of Clayton Rich at the O.O. Denny Park shelter.

Francesca Lyman

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