Safety on Finn Hill

Mountain Biking Safety

Open year round, Finn Hill’s mountain biking trails meander through its dense lowland forests and connect Big Finn Hill Park with Saint Edward’s Park through an elaborate network of trails. They are generally well maintained, though conditions vary depending on rainfall and time of year. Riders will encounter rolling single-track, small drops and jumps, bermed turns, log obstacles, the occasional steep climbs and descents, root sections, and even a few natural stunts.

Safety information for off-road cycling can be viewed here. Be advised that the trails intersect Juanita Drive and Holmes Point Drive at several points. (see map) (more detailed map). Riders should exercise caution when approaching and crossing these junctions as motorists frequently exceed speeds of 35 mph. For more info on about biking in traffic, check out the King County Web page

Submitted by Peter Ludwig

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