The Genesis of DCNA

The Genesis of DCNA

In the beginning was the Woods. And the woods were with dogs. In the woods were trail walkers, and children, hikers and joggers.

While it’s hard to pinpoint any specific Genesis story, friends and neighbors of Finn Hill and Holmes Point, walking in the forests and parks, and bumping frequently into each other, started talking in the early 1990s about forming an organization to care for the plants, animals, birds, and the natural landscape of the area. In 1994, a county grant for “Exploring Your Backyard Waterways” gathered Finn Hill families for the adventure of bush-whacking trails, through the thickly overgrown hillsides, to follow rainwater on its course to Lake Washington.

First, they wanted to name it after the Denny Creek watershed that drains the western side of Fin Hill; then, realizing the vital role of the residents themselves, the core group of nature lovers, bird watchers–and, simply, neighbors–decided to call it the Denny Creek Neighborhood Alliance (DCNA), setting up by-laws and formally incorporating the group as a 501 c (3) tax-exempt nonprofit in 1996.

Francesca Lyman

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