The Motley Board of Directors

The Motley Board of Directors

Your board includes a bus driver, a park commissioner, a transportation planner, a park ranger, a president who gets things done, and me, your blogger. 

Over the years, it has been a motley crew.  Many engineers, biologists, project managers, lawyers, printers — and not the least — people who talk with City Hall. A keynote of this group has been its intelligent congeniality – we agreed to disagree and enjoyed the argument; we gave each other rope and helped stretch it. 

I am secretary of the board, which means I get to find a plug for my laptop in people’s living rooms or office boardrooms, gather my snack plate and drink, and peer over my glasses while madly typing, at 11 to 17 friends.  The personality mix is better than a reality show. As time goes on characters emerge.  We fill the Meyers Briggs spectrum from fist-pounders to backroom negotiators. I eagerly type in some of the eloquence I hear at these meetings because certain turns of phrase are wise or hilarious or worthy of thinking twice about.  But then we edit it out for the public record…  Wah!

Today’s board of eleven men and women is busy enough with lives and families to be quite efficient in getting things done.  Please check out under the Meet Finn Hill tab our five committees and their projects.  We’re a little behind the ball at the moment, having just expanded our range, but we’ve got lots of projects brewing and need you to join us. Each committee page gives the contact info for the committee head.  If you want to get engaged, please make contact.

Not the least because it has given us such pleasure over the years of working as an alliance, we invite the whole wide Finn Hill to join the fun. 

Ellen Haas

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