Welcome to FHNA’s new website! We hope you like it. And we hope even more that you’ll use it to learn what’s going on in our neighborhood and to tell us what you are thinking about. Do you want to compliment someone on a good idea or completing a useful project? Do you want to let us know about an issue that needs to be addressed, or about one that you think is being handled badly? Do you have an event or initiative that you hope your neighbors will support? Let us hear from you!

We’ve tried hard to organize things on this site in a logical way. Click on the About Us tab in the menu bar if you want to learn about our history or our board of directors and committees, or read our mission statement, bylaws, budget or meeting minutes. Our key initiatives appear in the Projects drop down menu: go there to find out what we are trying to achieve this year and to volunteer to help as well. Looking for something to do this weekend or in the next few weeks? Click on Events.  And we have a Resources drop down menu for links to city, county, and other agencies and organizations that affect us or have interesting programs for Finn Hill residents. We hope to build these sections out over the coming months.

Below the menu bar, you’ll see the latest reports on what’s happening in the neighborhood: the left hand side of the home page is dedicated to a chronologically-organized roll of posts on all topics and developments of interest to Finn Hill residents. If you use the search bar at the top of the right hand column, you can filter posts by topic. (For example, enter “Juanita Woodlands” to collect all posts about the Woodlands and Woodlands events on the site.)

Occasionally, we’ll leave featured piece at the top of the column. This post is an example. And we’ll replace it with an announcement regarding DennyFest  (scheduled for Sunday, September 9, by the way).  We’ll keep these little features at the top of the blog roll for a while, just so viewers don’t miss them as other posts come in over time.

A big vote of thanks goes to FHNA board members Kathy Schuler – who sweated blood to launch this – and Ellen Haas and Francesca Lyman who have contributed much of the content. Thanks also to Håkan Söderbom of Konsult Partners for building the site and MacKenzie Bakewell for editing our contributions.

But this website won’t be a success unless it accomplishes two things. First, it has to be fresh enough to keep you coming back for more. Our board and officers are committed to updating it constantly so that you’ll find something new, interesting, and useful each week. Second, it has to inspire you to comment or submit your own posts, or – even better – to volunteer or to offer us a contribution so we can continue to serve you, our fellow residents on Finn Hill.

So, please check out our site. And let us know what you think! We look forward to hearing from you.

Scott Morris, FHNA President

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