Big Finn Hill Trails Advisory Committee Formed

Big Finn Hill Trails Advisory Committee Formed

On August 23 at Bastyr University the King County Parks Department hosted its second Big Finn Hill trail planning meeting.

At the meeting Dave Kimmett of King County Parks summarized the input from a public meeting that occurred in early June, and facilitated a discussion about what the goals should be for the planning project.

Jeanette Leach summarized progress on a trail mapping and temporary signage project and noted that some of the signs had been ripped down. Maps are available here:

A citizen advisory committee (CAC) was appointed to begin focused work on trail plan recommendations to be submitted to King County. Members of the committee are:

Jeanette Leach, Finn Hill resident
Suzanne Vincent, Finn Hill resident
Joel Wood, Finn Hill resident
Aaron Lefohn, Finn Hill resident
Christy Cater, Finn Hill resident
Jennifer Pruitt, Finn Hill resident
Janice Gerrish, Finn Hill resident
George Meredith, Finn Hill resident
Bill Hall, Finn Hill resident
Mark Garnick, Finn Hill resident
Tom Fitzpatrick, Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance
Mike Crandell, King County Parks
John Turner, King County Parks
Dave Kimmett, King County Parks

The committee will begin meeting in mid-September.

For questions about the Big Finn Hill trails planning project, please contact Jennifer or Mathew Pruitt at

One Response to “Big Finn Hill Trails Advisory Committee Formed”

  1. Lisa Van Enkevort says:

    I would like to be added to this citizen advisory committee. I was on the task force in the 90’s that worked with the county and the parks department, along with the Denny Creek Neighborhood Alliance which is now Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance, BBTC, and representatives of horseback riders in the vicinity.

    Sincerely, Lisa Van Enkevort
    12920 74th Pl NE
    Kirkland WA 98034