FHPRD Joins FHNA in Endorsing Kirkland Parks Levy

FHPRD Joins FHNA in Endorsing Kirkland Parks Levy – Proposition 2

The Board of Commissioners of the Finn Hill Park and Recreation District, which manages O.O. Denny Park on Lake Washington, has joined the Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance Board in endorsing the Kirkland Parks Levy – Proposition 2. One provision of Proposition 2 would provide a permanent source of funding for the Kirkland Parks Department to take over the maintenance of O.O. Denny Park.

A statement from FHPRD states:

“If Proposition 2 passes, the FHPRD Board of Commissioners have indicated they will vote to eliminate their separate tax levy for 2013 and beyond, and support an orderly handoff of maintenance and operation of O.O. Denny Park to the city in early 2013. The FHPRD would continue to exist through 2013 in order to invest its remaining rainy day fund in capital improvements to O.O. Denny Park, with plans to vote itself out of existence late in 2013 when those projects are complete…

Proposition 2 will have a minimal impact on Finn Hill property taxes, which have dropped since annexation to the city. The proposed levy amount ($0.16/$1000 of assessed valuation) is larger than the current assessment ($0.06/$1000) that Finn Hill residents pay for O.O Denny Park. However, the net increase ($0.10 per $1000 of assessed valuation) represents only 5% of the property tax reduction that Finn Hill residents have realized since annexation ($1.96 per $1000 of assessed valuation). Even after factoring in other fees associated with living in Kirkland, the park levy would not result in an increase in taxes for Finn Hill homeowners over what they paid as King County residents.”

To read the full statement click here.

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