Kirkland Urban Forestry Management DRAFT Plan

“…With over seven square miles of tree canopy in Kirkland, the urban forest is an important component of the city’s “green infrastructure.” The challenge is how to balance a sustainable urban forest with the pressures of development and other interests in Kirkland. With that in mind, the City is undertaking its first comprehensive look at a city-wide Urban Forestry Strategic Management Plan.   A thorough assessment of the City’s current forestry policies and operations is taking place….” Forterra

Example from within the 118 page document:

“…Urban residents report they like where they are living more and feel safer than residents who have fewer trees around them (Sullivan, 1996). A majority of people feel that trees improve one’s quality of life (Lohr, 2004)…. Page 7

Increased property values – On average, street trees add $7,020 to home sales prices in Portland, Oregon and reduced time on the market by 1.7 days. The increase in property value with trees extends to neighboring houses (Donovan, 2010). A study found 7 percent higher rental rates for commercial offices having high quality landscapes…” (Laverne, 2003). Page 10

 “…For example, a mature, 24-inch diameter, red maple (Acer rubrum), located on a residential street in Kirkland is estimated to provide $201 in annual benefits…” Page 11
You can review the draft management plan here.

Note that the draft version will go before the Kirkland City Council on October 16, 2012.  The City of Kirkland project manager is Deb Powers. Her contact information is located on the site here.

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