FHNA 2012 Annual Report

FHNA 2012 Annual Report

Annual Report (November 2011 – November 2012)

Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance: Cohesive Community Connected by Woodlands & Waterways, Committed to Neighborhood Stewardship

Our Mission: “The mission of the Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance is to coordinate our active community of residents and regional partners to preserve, protect, and restore Finn Hill’s extraordinary natural environment, and to promote the welfare of the Finn Hill community by engaging in civic issues.”

Highlights of 2011 – 2012

At a meeting open to all Finn Hill residents in November 2012, the Denny Creek Neighborhood Alliance voted to change its name to the Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance, re-organized its board of directors, and adopted a new mission statement – one that preserved the organization’s commitment to environmental stewardship but also embraced civic engagement and explicitly defined its geographic area as covering all of Finn Hill. The board has channeled FHNA’s energies into four key areas: Communications, Stewardship, Policy, and Community & Events.


We upgraded the DCNA website to inform and engage all of Finn Hill, revising historical highlights and recruiting contributors to keep content lively and current. We upgraded the database, adding over 400 new member contacts, and use this to send regular email alerts to hundreds of Finn Hill households. We get out the news, via periodic newsletter, Woodlands and Waterways, road signs to announce events, and posts in Kirkland Reporter and Patch.


We organized 3 work parties in the Juanita Woodlands, continuing our multi-year program of replacing diseased trees with new seedlings that will enhance the health and diversity of this 40 acre park. FHNA members are participating in a citizens’ group advising King County Parks on plans for trail maintenance and development in Big Finn Hill Parks. We developed a trail map and displays that invite exploration, guide navigation, and highlight natural features in O.O. Denny Park.
Former board member Lou Berner gathered resident’s concerns and is- sued a comprehensive review of surface water management in Finn Hill and he continues to work with the City to address these issues.


The FHNA board endorsed Kirkland Proposition 2, the levy to raise funds for Kirkland park maintenance, improvements, and acquisitions. Many members were involved in the campaign which voters approved on November 6. We surveyed undeveloped properties on Finn Hill and will recommend to the City of Kirkland future parks and open space acquisitions. We worked with the City to restore volunteer EMTs to Fire Station 24 and are monitoring the City’s progress with its Fire Service Strategic Plan. We are advocating for Kirkland to begin the process of developing the neighborhood zoning plan for Finn Hill which will involve active participation by all members of the Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance, and be an important step toward envisioning Finn Hill 2050.

Community & Events

We are reaching out to Finn Hill groups such as Schools, Scouts, and Home owners, to identify their neighborhood issues and engage them in community-building at all scales. FHNA hosted regular community meetings at Finn Hill Middle School, put on the annual gala DennyFest in September, and supports the Christ- mas Ships bonfire in December.

Officers and Directors

Current Directors 2012

  • Scott Morris, President
  • Anne Fleming, Treasurer
  • Ellen Haas, Secretary
  • Jon Pascal, Policy
  • Matthew Pruitt, Stewardship
  • Kathy Schuler, Communications
  • Kurt Brunnenkant, Community
  • Meg Tally Hunt, Events
  • Connie Winter, at-large
  • Ted Marx, at-large
  • Francesca Lyman, at-large

Former DCNA Directors, 2011-2012

  • Jeff Hoerth, Past President
  • Teresa Chileli, Juanita Woodlands
  • Kristen Lloyd, FHPRD liaison
  • Louis Berner, at-large
  • Bruce White, at-large
  • Barbara Walsh, at-large

Income and Expense Report Jan – Nov 2012


Individual Donations: $3,491
Corp Matched Donations: $6,286
Interest: $12
Program Income: Denny Fest $604, Christmas Ships $79
Total Income: $10,472


Administrative: $2,680
Website/Newsletters $1,730
Program Expense: DennyFest $2,807, General Meetings $1,492
Woodlands events $1,153
Other: $595
Total Expenses $10,457

Funds Balance

Operating/Checking $12,899
Juanita Woodlands $40,404
Reserve Savings $5,003
Total Funds: $58,306

Many thanks to all who support our work!

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