Zoning on Juanita Dr

Zoning on Juanita Dr

Dear Finn Hill Residents:

As you know, FHNA has been following the Planning Commission’s review of a request for zoning changes for properties located along the west side of Juanita Drive, at the intersection with 122nd Place and Holmes Point Drive, and across the road from the Shell station and the Village Mart. In brief, the zoning amendment would remove the requirement for retail space in any development of the affected properties. The request was initiated by a developer, Jeff Howard, who seeks to build multi-family housing on vacant land across from the Shell station.

The Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on the zoning amendment request Thursday evening in the City Council chambers at City Hall. The meeting is scheduled to begin at 7pm, and interested members of the public are invited to attend and comment. The Planning Commission will vote on the zoning request at tomorrow’s meeting and then forward its recommendation to the City Council, which is expected to act on the matter in early December. If you have concerns or questions about the zoning amendment, you should attend the Planning Commission meeting on Thursday and sign up to speak.

Yesterday, the FHNA board sent the Planning Commission a letter proposing that the Commission defer action on the request pending community meetings on the viability of retail development on the properties that are the subject of the request. In the letter, the FHNA board notes that it has previously recommended that no substantive changes be made to Finn Hill zoning in the absence of a neighborhood plan and it observed that the current request could eliminate any prospect for further retail opportunities in one of Finn Hill’s two business districts. The board offers to work with the city and the developer,  Mr. Howard, to organize community meetings to address the potential for retail development at the intersection of Juanita Drive and 122nd Place. The FHNA board did not take a position on whether the zoning request should ultimately be granted or denied.

Also, following the submission of the FHNA board letter yesterday, Mr. Howard provided the Planning Department with a petition, signed by residents in the Sinclair townhomes development, to the immediate north of the affected properties, and from shop owners on the east side of Juanita Drive stating their preference that Mr. Howard’s properties be developed only for residential use.

FHNA’s annual meeting this evening will include a short summary of this issue, so we encourage you to attend if you would like to learn more. The meeting will start at 7pm and will be held at the Finn Hill Middle School cafeteria – 8040 NE 132nd Street, near 84th Avenue.


A copy of the FHNA board letter is attached.

You can also read the Planning Department’s analysis of the request

Maps and citizen correspondence are available here

A summary of the zoning request, previously emailed to Finn Hill residents and posted on the FHNA website is available here



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