Community Voice

Community Voice

One year old and ready to plan our future,
a call out to folks on the eastern side of the hill

November 21, 2012

One year. The Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance was born November 31, 2011, a year ago. We held a big meeting at the newly built Finn Hill Jr. High cafeteria, heard final voices pro and con, took a vote, and the Denny Creek Neighborhood Alliance emerged as the Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance, with a tripled membership and a commitment to rally residents on the eastern side of the hill into active participation with Kirkland’s largest and liveliest – in acres and people – Neighborhood Association.

Agreed: Our particular alliance is shaped by its woodlands and waterways and would like to create a “neighborhood plan” that is wise and enlightened and visionary because it preserves, protects, and restores our landscape for local and regional enjoyment, into perpetuity.

Last night, at a hearing, the Kirkland Planning Commission (a voluntary group charged with studying land use issues and making recommendations to the Kirkland City Council) voted to advise the Council members “in strong language” that the Finn Hill Neighborhood planning process needs to commence, soon.

We’re gearing up. With explanatory materials – brochure, display, annual report, and website in place –  now we really want to identify small blocks or cul-de-sacs or dead-end-streets of about 20 neighbors all over Finn Hill, and especially on the eastern side, and start talking with individuals who are leaders of them.

What is your neighborhood’s “nickname?”

What do your people have and want and need?

For example neighborly gatherings, open space, sidewalks, traffic control, emergency preparedness, family outings, garage sales, etc,

Please let us know if you’re interested in organizing your neighborhood and giving it a voice in the planning process. For more information or to share about your community, email me at

– Ellen Haas

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