You’re Invited! FHNA History Committee Forming

You’re invited! FHNA History Committee Forming

Let’s take a journey through time together. Are you interested in local history?
Would you like to discover our past and explore the roots of this amazing community?

We’re looking for people who would like to join us in forming a history committee. There’s something wonderful about learning more about each other and where we’ve come from that brings us closer together and enriches our connection to one another. Learning about our history helps to deepen our knowledge of who we are as a community, lends a new perspective on the present and provides us with added insight when we look towards the future.

An Old House's Front Door on 86th

An Old House’s Front Door on 86th

Anyone interested in local history is welcome. We need people who can help us identify long time residents of the area, or people who are themselves long time residents; anyone who may have knowledge of our neighborhood’s past; people who are interested in interviewing residents or who would like to participate in gathering oral history.

Other possibilities for learning about our area include searching archives of local parks, museums, schools and community organizations. Exploring existing literature, and census and development data can also prove valuable resources.

No special knowledge or experience is needed, just your interest and motivation.

We are hoping to meet for the first time sometime during the last two weeks in February.

Do join us on our journey through time.
[article written by Barbara Radford] For more information contact Barbara Radford at (425) 820 2413 or via email


7 Responses to “You’re Invited! FHNA History Committee Forming”

  1. Kathy Goodson says:

    I would love to know more about this area. We live in one of the older homes on Finn Hill and were able to get paperwork from the county with records on the property dating to 1930 and also showing that our house was built in 1945.
    I always wondered what that round white structure featured in your picture was! Now I know–a silo.
    I’ve spoken briefly with Mrs. Snow when out walking and she is a fountain of knowledge about the area.
    I would love to gather oral histories! I also have writing experience.

    • Hello Kathy,
      Thank you for your interest in the History Committee. Your participation and experience would be great assets to this project. As noted in the announcemet, we plan to have a first meeting at the end of this month. Please contact me directly either by email or by phone (both are listed above), and I will let you know the date and place of the meeting.

  2. Patty Luzzi says:

    I don’t have any time to offer at the moment, but my husband Lenny and I are really interested in the history of Finn Hill. When we moved here 25 years ago, we heard about the Juanita airport on the site of QFC, and the Finnish Cultural Center with the Saunas kitty-corner from FHJH. We live in a Lovell house, and the office was in one of the remaining airport buildings over by Key Bank.

    I would love to know the exact location of the silo and Doris’ Cellar. How have I missed that?

  3. Tami says:

    We moved to 8451 NE 137th in 1962 when I was a baby. It felt like we lived in the woods as we were the first street in the area. Most of the homes on our street were the new split level design. There was no Finn Hill Junior High or Sandburg Elementary. By the time Thoreau Elementary was built it was already too small for the neighborhood. My kindergarten class was held at Inglewood Presbyterian Church.

  4. Anne Fleming says:

    My aunt and uncle bought acreage on Finn Hill in June 1946 and built their home later that same year. My memories of visiting them on their farm go back to the mid 1950s. Recently I was looking through one of my mother’s 1940s photo albums, and discovered some photos of their farm I hadn’t seen before. I’m hoping to find more photos. I hope to come to a Finn Hill history meeting. Thank you.