Eastern Finn Hill Ravine Purchased by the City

Eastern Finn Hill Ravine Purchased by the City

simonds ravine 2The Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance’s (FHNA) work to identify potential properties to preserve throughout the neighborhood can be credited in helping the City of Kirkland purchase a heavily forested ravine in northeastern Finn Hill. The Kirkland City Council is expected to approve the purchase of the 6 acre tract of undeveloped land at their February 5th meeting for approximately $4,700 dollars.

FHNA first brought the opportunity to the City’s attention in May 2012 after several members toured the neighborhood to identify areas of open space to preserve, protect, and restore – consistent with the organization’s mission statement. Somehow part of the ravine, which runs west to east from 88th Avenue NE to 100th Avenue NE, was never deeded to the County at the time the area was platted in the late 1970’s. The property adjoins another 16 acres of public open space, thereby resulting in a continuous 22 acres under public ownership.

The ravine contains a year-round stream, and an abundance of trees, vegetation, and wildlife. FHNA noticed that the property was in foreclosure and asked the City of Kirkland if they would consider purchasing the land. Last month the City’s Public Works Department made a successful offer on the property. FHNA is grateful that the City was able to follow through on the request by the neighborhood and take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to purchase the land at a minimal cost to taxpayers.

simonds ravine propertyWhen discussions were occurring in 2011 to expand the mission of the Denny Creek Neighborhood Alliance and form the FHNA, residents expressed concern that the eastern side of the neighborhood would not be well represented. Purchase of the ravine demonstrates that FHNA is focusing time and energy on the eastern side of Finn Hill. However, FHNA is continuing to work closely with the City to identify other potential land acquisitions, specifically properties that would help meet the City’s goal of providing an active park within a ¼ mile distance of all residents. Properties identified with that objective in mind would enable the City to utilize funds from the recently passed park levy, which FHNA supported.

Are you interested in supporting FHNA in preserving, protecting, and restoring our natural areas or getting involved in other neighborhood related issues? If so, contact information may be submitted directly here.

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