Be Informed – Chaffey Private Amendment Request Before Planning Commissioners

Be Informed – Chaffey Private Amendment Request Before Planning Commissioners

Dear Finn Hill Residents: The City of Kirkland is considering a rezone request for vacant, wooded property on Simonds Road, between 92nd and 100th Avenues. The request — known as the Chaffey Private Amendment Request (File CAM 12-01477) – seeks an upzone from RSA 4 (4 homes per acres) to RMA 3.5 or 5.0 (9 to 12 multifamily units per acre). 

FHNA has urged the City not to act on this significant matter until it has prepared a neighborhood plan for Finn Hill, and the Planning Department staff has just issued a memo to the Planning Commission making the same recommendation

  • FHNA-Mtg_ScottMorrisFHNA has argued that the City should not rezone properties on Finn Hill until the community has had the opportunity to define its goals for the future development of the neighborhood – precisely what neighborhood plans are designed to do. As a newly annexed area of Kirkland, we don’t yet have such a plan but it is essential that we work with the City promptly to complete one. (See FHNA letter)
  • Given the complexity of the issues raised by the Chaffey Private Amendment Request, the Planning Department staff has noted that the amendment would consume City resources that should be reserved for the City’s Comprehensive Plan Update and for neighborhood plans. (Staff memo See pages 1-4, 11-17.) 

This Thursday evening, March 14, the Planning Commission will vote on whether the Chaffey Private Amendment Request should advance for further study this year or be folded into the consideration of a Finn Hill neighborhood plan. FHNA hopes that you agree that the right outcome is to defer the rezone request until we have a neighborhood plan. If so, please write to the Planning Commissioners! You can email them at 

  • Your note needn’t be a long one. It will be sufficient to say merely that you believe the interests of the Finn Hill neighborhood will be best served if the Chaffey Private Amendment Request is not studied until a Finn Hill neighborhood plan has been prepared. 
  • And please also consider presenting your comments directly to the Planning Commissioners at their meeting. The meeting will be held at 7pm on Thursday, March 6, in Council Chambers at City Hall. (Meeting agenda) If you do want to speak at the meeting, we would appreciate hearing about your plans in advance, so we can coordinate public comments.

The Planning Commission’s decision will be a recommendation to the City Council, which will make its own determination on how to handle the Chaffey rezone request in April. We will keep you posted on how this matter progresses.

Finn Hill Letter to the City re: Chaffey PAR (February 26, 2013)

Chaffey PAR Map


Scott Morris
Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance – President
(formerly Denny Creek Neighborhood Alliance)
PO Box 682, Kirkland WA 98083


FHNA President Scott Morris speaking at a Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance meeting.


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  1. Dave says:

    Sent an e-mail, got a response from Jon Pascal, Planning Commissioner.