DOG BLOG:  D is for Doug the Pug and … Don’t make me wear that Dorky orange safety vest.

DOG BLOG: D is for Doug the Pug and … Don’t make me wear that Dorky orange safety vest.

Third to arrive, after Sinbad and Jacob, but the "most important pug in the world."

Waiting for his boy to return from college, and for Gramma, who also understands him, is  Doug the Pug:  “the most important pug in the world.”

First there was Sinbad, the American bulldog, and second came Jacob, the fawn-colored pug that I am forced to share my home with.

Third to arrive was me, the most important pug in the world.  Because when the boy wanted a black pug, they found me and named me Doug the Pug.


I was the boy’s dog until he went away to this mysterious place called ‘college,’ where he is gone most of the time. Before he left he would share his food with me and let me sleep under the covers, where it is nice and warm. He would play with me. He would run down the steep-sloping cul de sac, and let me chase him pulling him and his girlfriend on the sled. Boy do I miss him!

While waiting for him to return, though,  I’ve gotten to hike down to Lake Washington in St. Edwards Park, where the alphas keep trying to get me to swim. (No way!)

Sometimes we go early in the morning when it is still kind of dark and I have to wear that dorky orange safety vest.


And sometimes they forget the right treats. I like steak and chicken….not kibble.  Bleh!  The alphas don’t eat kibble, so why should I have to eat kibble? I have a broader definition of  “food”  than the alphas’ definition of food. But…sometimes they will give me a steak bone to chew on. Once I got the pan from the roasted turkey….mmmm. I think that was when I went to Gramma’s house, because, except for my boy, of course, Gramma is the best person in the world.

When she comes to our house, I get a treat. When I go to her house, I get a treat. At lunch time we sit together on the love seat and watch TV and eat our lunch, for me a sandwich with lots of meat, a bite of each apple quarter, and always a muffin afterwards. Gramma makes sure she has muffin when I come for lunch, because if there is no muffin, I sit on the love seat and stare at her in that way that means, “Where is the muffin?” Gramma never feeds me plain kibble.

My alphas could learn a lot from Gramma. The other day they tried to kill me.  It was pug maintenance day – one alpha was holding me still, the other one was clipping my front toenails… then gave me a little treat, which I inhaled and then started to choke. I did manage to hack it up on my own. Then what did they do? Trim my rear paws and told me I was a greedy little pug.

Humph. Humph. Jacob, the other pug in the house, got his tooth pulled. I suppose he’s going to get MORE attention and MORE CANNED DOG FOOD! Humph. Not fair! Not fair! Just because he has a bad tooth? I am still getting plain old kibble. Why can’t the alphas pop for canned food for me too! Not fair! Not fair!

doug_basking_in_sun  I ran across one of the alphas’ laptops. She’s not sure what key combinations I hit, but it went into a funny mode and she had to restart it. Heh heh heh! Silly alpha. She should learn that the only real laptop is a Pug! Finally! At long last! The alpha took me to Gramma’s for a visit in time for me to have lunch. She usually gives me chicken broth and chunks of chicken. Oh, how I do love her. Our neighbor always knows when Gramma has come to visit because she can hear me squealing clear across the street.

Today’s pug haiku:

You can’t resist it

My big sad eyes looking up

You will give me treats.


My boy came home today and I am certain I won’t have to sleep on the stinkin’ dog bed tonight.

I’ve got curl in my tail today!

Doug the Pug lives on Finn Hill with his alphas.  His friend Jeannette Leach encouraged him to get past his writer’s block and take paw to pen.  

5 Responses to “DOG BLOG: D is for Doug the Pug and … Don’t make me wear that Dorky orange safety vest.”

  1. Kay Lowder says:

    This is a great blog! I love your Haiku.

  2. Jeanette Leach says:

    Doug forgot to mention that he has his own Facebook page (a public figure). He likes to have FB friends and scritches in the sunshine.

  3. Maggie says:

    Hi Doug!
    You seem to have a great life as a Pug with the Boy and Gramma being so sweet to you!

    But I know, since I just had teeth out too, that you need to be good about letting your family put stuff in your mouth, like the weird green stuff my mom gives me for my teeth at night! It’s supposed to help and then I think she gives me more chews during the day because she has added another thing to the dog torture list. (My advice is sleep through all of that “torture” stuff if you can, it makes it go by in a wink!)

    See you at the park!

  4. Tracy Doering says:

    Hey Doug, what’s up Pug? You seem pretty cool and famous. We’d like to meet you and get your autograph, but not when you’re sporting that orange vest, dude — wow. So you actually have your humans tricked into thinking they’re alphas?! We had a good laugh over that one — you da man.

    We’re snow dogs, always looking for epic action in the pow. We have lighted collars that our humans make us wear in the dark “for safety” … blah blah. Uncool bling, man. What do the humans know about fashion for the fur?

    Well, hope to catch you around the hood sometime. — Burt & Bea