Saved! 1935 Cabin on Market St

Saved! 1935 Cabin on Market St

Here is some good news for the cabin located at 1855 Market Street. I’m sure you’ve driven by and seen the new building sign and wondered what will happen to the cabin? Loita Hawkinson, from the Kirkland Heritage Society, commented that the City is about to issue the moving and building permit to move the cabin. Loita says, “The property has changed hands and it will be replaced by two new  homes.  Other parties have been working tirelessly it seems to get the  cabin saved and they have found someone who has the space and interest to save  this wonderful building.  It will be on private property and not be a home  since it cannot be a primary residence due to zoning.  So the kitchen will  be removed but the bathroom can stay….maybe a perfect spot for a cookie  exchange.”

Update: City of Kirkland press release on “Log Cabin Move Planned for Early Morning Hours April 28“.

(photos taken by Deba Wenger)

1935 Cabin1

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