Neighborhood Meeting Wed May 29

Neighborhood Meeting Wed May 29

Dear Finn Hill Residents and Friends: Here’s a reminder about our next members’ meeting on Wednesday, May 29, and a report on the GiveBIG event on May 15. FHNA members’ meeting, May 29: If you live on Finn Hill, you are a member of the Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance. You are cordially invited to our next general members’ meeting, which will be held this Wednesday at 6:45pm in the cafeteria of the Finn Hill Middle School on 132nd Street and 84th Ave (84200 132nd Street NE).

If you use our neighborhood’s park trails, or use Juanita Drive, or if you care about the health of our streams, we have 3 items on the agenda that you’ll want to know about:

  • Big Finn Hill Park trails: A citizen committee has been working for nearly a year with King County Parks to develop a plan for walkers’ and cyclists’ trails in Big Finn Hill Park. Dave Kimmett of King County Parks will review the committee’s recommendations and the County’s trail maintenance plans.


  • Juanita Drive Corridor Study: The City is beginning a study of safety enhancements for Juanita Drive. Don Anderson of Kirkland’s Public Works Department will describe the study and tell you how to get involved in providing input on problems and possible solutions. Eager to learn more right now? Check out the City’s Juanita Drive Study web page.


  • Surface Water Management Plan: If you care about flooding, erosion, and clean water, you need to know what the City is doing to manage surface water, particularly on Finn Hill. The City’s surface water policies affect how properties are developed and whether we’ll be able to restore fish to our streams. Jenny Gaus, Kirkland’s Senior Surface Water Utility Engineer will report on the draft Surface Water Management Plan that Kirkland is in the process of updating. If you want to do a little homework in advance, take a look at the City’s surface water web page.

We hope to see you this Wednesday at Finn Hill Middle School!

  • GiveBIG report: The Seattle area’s annual GiveBIG event occurred this year on May 15. And guess what? You GaveBIG! We raised over $3000 thanks to your generosity. That’s almost two times the amount that we raised last year. We REALLY appreciate it! THANK YOU!


fhna_RGBScott Morris
Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance – President
(formerly Denny Creek Neighborhood Alliance)| 206-972-9493
PO Box 682, Kirkland WA 98083



Members Meeting Agenda
Wednesday, May 29, 2013, 6:45-8:30 pm
Finn Hill Middle School Cafeteria
8040 NE 132nd Street, Kirkland, WA   98034


6:45 PM Meet & Greet

7:10 PM Introductions/Announcements – Scott Morris, President, Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance

7:20 PM Big Finn Hill Park Trail Plan – Dave Kimmett, King County Parks will present the Big Finn Hill Park trail plan including trail layout, trail use and trail maintenance. The trail proposal was developed by a citizen committee working with King County Parks.

7:45 PM Juanita Drive Corridor Study – Don Anderson, Project Engineer, City of Kirkland will present on the City’s master plan for future improvements to Juanita Drive. The City is encouraging residents to get involved.

8:15 PM Surface Water Master Plan – Jenny Gaus, Senior Surface Water Utility Engineer, City of Kirkland will present on The Surface Water Master Plan (SWMP) which sets the stage for future surface water management in Kirkland for three overarching goals of Flood Reduction, Water Quality Improvement, and Aquatic Habitat Protection and Restoration.






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