Halcyon Days at O.O. Denny Park

Halcyon Days at O.O. Denny Park

LYB-DennyFest2012_010Here is a history lesson for you on OO Denny Park. The story is by Donald Mackey called: Memoir of O.O. Denny Park —

The sky was blue over the lake, with a soft ripple, that Sunday afternoon last winter.. Donald Mackey and his wife Dianne were savoring the rare sunny day, walking along the slope of the hill, past the railroad ties. Near the bridge over the mouth of O.O. Denny Creek, Donald lingered by the water’s edge, taking in the woodsy scent of the river where he fished for trout as a kid. Often his parents and grandparents would drop him off there to fish.

The old bunkhouse that once stood up the hill from the shore had disappeared years before. But it seemed like not so long ago that every yard of beach was staked out with daylong picnic encampments, gathering of his family, and other families and friends, many from Big Finn Hill, and others from Little Finn Hill, further south toward Juanita.

None of the old beach tables were occupied now, but in his memory he recalled from his childhood the stretches of grass packed with people. The park was coming back to life in his mind. He shares this reminiscences with all of us.

To read the full story, click here Denny Park Memoir – PDF


Donald Mackey spent many summers, and even some winters, fishing and picknicking at O.O. Denny Park. His strong connection to the park came about because his mother was raised on Little Finn Hill and Denny Park was a gathering spot for his grandparents and extended family, with other Finnish families of the area.

Mackey, who grew up in Bothell and Lake City, has spent much of his life working as a contractor in the electrical power line, telephone and cable TV fields, working most recently as an estimator and division manager. He and his wife Dianne married after graduating from Roosevelt High school, and now live in Wandering Creek, a waterfront development in Bothell. It’s situated about a quarter-mile from the house his parents brought him after he was born, so you could say he’s swum back to his spawning ground.

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