DOG BLOG: E is for Elwood

DOG BLOG: E is for Elwood

Hi.  My name’s Elwood.

I was originally named Jake but it was clearly a misnomer.

I resemble a “Jake” like my owner (or “human” as I prefer to call her… who “owns” their ‘pet’ anyways?!) resembles a ’67 Chevy..  That is to say–not at all.

I was “rescued” from the shelter 3 years ago.. (another misnomer!…squatting in a cage on a concrete floor with a couple of dirty plastic bowls — one for food which is always empty and another for water, which is half empty at all times…is not my idea of “shelter”)!

Anyways she– my human– turned to her friend who’d accompanied her to the “Shelter” and said “I like this here Jake.”  To which her friend replied:  “He looks more like Elwood.”

I agreed even though I did not know anything about the movie “The Blues Brothers” at that time..
They say I’m a “mutt.”  I’m a tad put off by that description!  At the same time, I acknowledge my “Tree” is diverse… neigh… even complex.  I may have Ridgeback in me… Rhodesian Ridgeback to be sure.

What is a Ridgeback?  I haven’t the faintest.  I can only assume the name harkens to something concrete…like maybe a ridge on my back?

Alas, there is no ridge on my back!  But when my owner–I mean human– walks me about in the neighborhood, every other human out and about attached to her/his leashed better half says: “Is that a Rhodesian Ridgeback?”

Once recently on my evening walk, we encountered a true Ridgeback.  My dear human stopped them (the human and her Ridgeback) and asked:  “Excuse me, but is that a Rhodesian Ridgeback?”

I was so embarrassed.

She, the dog, was a beautiful, sleek, smaller replica of me..

But two things of note:  One:  She had a ridge on her back.  Two: She was more petit than me by 20 LBS!

Three!!!  (I said two but who cares!):  She was female!!!

So, there was “moi” passing a gorgeous female about my age!

I only wanted to offer her my ‘scent’ so as to send her the ‘message’ that when, or if, she should want to  entertain a rendezvous of some playful kind in the near future, I would available.

But, No and alas, and God help me!   instead I was sitting there being compared Ridgeback-wise to her(!)…. doggy of my dreams..  I continue to pine for her as you can imagine.

That is all I have to blog for now..

Yours humbly,




Elwood is a Rhodesian Ridgeback hailing from Kirkland who lives with Chicago native and blues lover Barbara Molloy. He, like his movie namesake, is  “on a mission from God.” His is to play with dirty socks.

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