My Pileated Woodpecker

My Pileated Woodpecker

by Barbara Travers….

We have a Pileated Woodpecker who returns to our Finn Hill ravine every year.

He gnaws on oyster shells. He’s after the calcium to get his annual calcium fix.

The female pileated has a black patch at the base of her bill.

The male pileated has a red patch at the base of his bill.

We named the Woodpecker Rufa, Latin for red-haired.Capture pecking

The oldest known pileated woodpecker was just shy of 13 years old.

Woody woodpecker, the cartoon character, is 73 years old.

Hear the voice of a Pileated Woodpecker in the video.

They can cause quite a racket.

Especially when they are hammering…..

Watch the video to find out what happens to Rufa

video link capture

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  1. Scott Morris says:


    Another terrific video. Birdnote’s got nothing on you! Thanks for posting this.