Finn Hill Meeting Monday October 7, 2013

Finn Hill Meeting Monday October 7, 2013

Dear Finn Hill neighbors and friends: Summer ended last Saturday, as Mother Nature visibly flipped the switch from sun to clouds, wind, and rain. But that doesn’t mean we have to crawl into our dens and hibernate. Far from it. Here’s a short list of things to do in the coming weeks:

  • Juanita Woodlands – Saturday, October 5, at 9am:  Once again, we’re organizing a volunteer event in the Juanita Woodlands to clean out invasives and give our 4200 new trees a chance to grow. See attachment for details. Free coffee, hot chocolate and donuts. It’s a great event for families. And, guess what, there’s SUN –the warm yellow thing in the sky we saw so much last month – in the forecast for next Saturday. Don’t miss it! 


  • Neighborhood meeting – Monday, October 7, beginning 5:30pm in Finn Hill Middle School: What do road rage, fires, and city council candidates have in common? They are all on the agenda for Finn Hill’s next neighborhood meeting. The agenda will cover 3 items that are very important to all of us:
    • Juanita Drive Corridor Study – As you may know, the City has been soliciting residents’ input on Juanita Drive improvements to make this arterial safer for all who use it. From 5:30pm to 7:00pm, the City will display recommended design changes to the corridor and solicit your reactions. Many of us travel up and down Juanita Drive each day, so this study will have a big effect on our lives. Now’s the time to voice your opinions.
    • Fire Station Siting – A couple of years ago, Fire District 41 (now absorbed into Kirkland’s Fire Department) sought Finn Hill’s views about building a new station on a portion of Big Finn Hill Park. There were strong reactions to that proposal, so the City has reconsidered the issue and wants to report back to the community on our options. Fire Chief Kevin Nalder will address the need for a new station and the pros and cons of possible sites.
    • City Council Candidates’ Forum – 5 of the 7 seats on Kirkland’s City Council are on the ballot in November. The candidates are coming to our meeting next Monday to tell you what they hope to accomplish for the city and to answer your questions. Meet them in your own backyard (almost) so you can make an informed choice on November 5.


Our press release for the meeting is in a link below.

  • Big Finn Hill Park Trails – Saturday, October 12, at 9:30 am:  Meet by kiosk/new Big Finn park sign on 138th Street.    We will be repairing some trail segments in the section just north of 138th where trails connect with St. Edwards park.  There are no guarantees of weather but it will go on rain or shine.  (Wind may cancel.)  Bring gloves, water and energy.  Please contact for more details.


  • Kirkland 2035, Community Planning Day – Saturday, October 19: The City has launched a host of planning initiatives that will affect our community for decades to come: a Comprehensive Plan update (which sets zoning policy for the next 20 years), a new Transportation Plan, the Juanita Drive Corridor redesign (see above), a  revised Parks and Open Space Plan, and a new Surface Water Management Policy. You can learn about all of these projects at a city sponsored open house on October 19. Details will be posted on the City’s webpage:


  • FHNA annual meeting – Wednesday, November 6, at 7pm at Finn Hill Middle School: Come to our annual meeting and vote to elect FHNA’s directors. We’ll also bring you up to date on key developments affecting Finn Hill, with a focus on neighborhood plans. Mark the date on your calendar and stay tuned for details.

It will be a lively autumn. We hope to see you at many of these important events! We’ll send updates over the coming weeks, but we also invite you to check our website and Facebook page for the latest news.


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  1. Warren Raven says:

    Center turn lane from the Kenmore line to just after the wooded area at the south end of Holmes Point drive. Bike lane with guard rail between the car lane and bike lane. Need a Stop light with turn lanes at Juanita Dr and NE 132nd Street. Bridge over Denny Creek at that same location connecting NE 132nd to all the way to 72nd Ave NE. With side walk and enough room to park a car on the street so people can bike or walk in the woods. A bridge-cross walk over Juanita drive at NE 132ne Street so kids can walk to school. CSE and FHJH. Saving bus money. Next a metal fence all along Juanita beach so no one can just walk into the street. Dig under Juanita drive so people can cross where the old entrance to Juanita Beach was. Put the new parking lot on the tennis court side of Juanita beach and dig up the old one so we can have grass and big concerts on the beach to make money for the city.