15 People on Park Walk Oct. 20

15 People on Park Walk Oct. 20

We had a great walk in the park on Sunday, October 20th. There were 15 people and three dogs, children had a great time exploring the 2 miles of trails winding past the Beaver Pond, over walking bridges and through the Big Douglas Firs. The dogs had the best time of all!

Please join the next “Take a Walk in the Park” series sponsored by FHNA:

Next Park Walk: Nov 17 at 1:30 pm, Big Finn Hill Park west of Juanita. Meet at the trail entrance on 138th place by the Kiosk and we’ll do the main loop.

Pictures from the Park Walk







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  1. Jeanette Leach says:

    One of the participants in the park walk wrote a great article in Kirkland views. Thanks Rob, I look forward to seeing you and Kate on Nov 17.