Join in on the Upcoming Park Walks

Join in on the Upcoming Park Walks

Come join us for a fun walk in the park!

oct20-people-on-bridge2 I will be leading a series of hikes in our big wonderful Finn Hill Parks. Big Finn Hill Park (a King County Regional Park) has more than ten miles of trails, so it is a great place to start. The first Park Walk on October 20th was a great success with 15 people and three dogs, children had a great time exploring the 2 miles of trails winding past the Beaver Pond, over walking bridges and through the Big Douglas Firs. The dogs had the best time of all!

Upcoming Park Walks: Stay Tuned for more dates!

Nov 17: The next Park Walk is on November 17 at 1:30 pm and we’ll be exploring Big Finn Hill Park west of Juanita. Meet at the trail entrance on 138th place by the Kiosk and we’ll do the main loop.

 Additional Park Walk Details

Who Can Join

Everyone is welcome! Including well-behaved children and well-behaved dogs on leashes. This is a great chance to learn more about our parks and explore new trails.

About the Walks

Does Finn Hill have a number of wonderful parks you’ve been meaning to explore but haven’t quite made it? Are you a bit intimidated by trails disappearing into the woods? Perhaps there are monsters, or goblins! This is your chance! It is time for an guided walk in the park.

What to Bring & Wear: Dress for the weather and muddy trails. Don’t hesitate to bring your camera, binoculars, field guides and your bottle of water. If windy (e.g. gusts > 15 mph), then we’ll cancel for safety. (If windy I’ll hang out at the starting point just in case.) Well-behaved, on-leash dogs are welcome. Well-behaved children are also welcome, they probably don’t need to be on leash (although we’ll be walking along the road for about 100 yards).

More About the Hike: During our walk, we’ll enjoy nature, learn about the monsters (invasive plants as well as ancient piles of trash) and discover that all the trails do connect up with no black holes. You can admire the incredible work done this summer by large volunteer groups pulling ivy (and get inspired to contribute). We plan on a pleasant afternoon.


Contact me via email:

I look forward to seeing you all there!

-Jeanette Leach

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