Decision Made Where the $185K Reserve Funds Will Go

The FHPRD Board (Finn Hill Parks and Recreation District) approved an amendment to our agreement with the City of Kirkland last night to transfer $175,000 in park funds to the city for the purpose of constructing a second picnic shelter and sprinkler system at OO Denny Park with the remainder of funds to be designated to Juanita Heights Park. The city council will consider the amendment to the agreement on November 19.  Design and placement of the picnic shelter will be discussed further with the City of Kirkland Parks Commission.

The amount of the transfer to the city was decreased by $10,000 from $185,000 after the District discovered additional administrative costs of closing it’s doors on December 31.

The Board appreciates all of the really valuable suggestions, feedback, and input from the public on what to do with surplus funds. However, in the end we did not feel there was another tangible project that could be completed with the funds available or we as a volunteer commission did not have adequate resources at our disposal to appropriately consider all relevant factors.

Members of the Board are committed to working with the FHNA and the city to consider the public comments further as part of the neighborhood plan process.

There is a small remainder of funds in the park district account after the transfer to the city and administrative costs which will be used to complete a signage project in OO Denny Park with the cooperation of the FHNA stewardship committee.

Matt Pruitt

Matt Pruitt





Matt Pruitt served as a FHPRD Commissioner and is on the Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance Board.


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