FHNA 2013 Annual Report

Annual Report (November 2012 – November 2013) Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance: Cohesive Community Connected by Woodlands & Waterways, Committed to Neighborhood Stewardship. Our Mission: “The mission of the Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance is to coordinate our active community of residents and regional partners to preserve, protect, and restore Finn Hill’s extraordinary natural environment, and to promote the welfare of the Finn Hill community by engaging in civic issues.”

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Highlights of 2012 – 2013

Policy and Planning

  • Worked with the City of Kirkland to purchase and preserve 5 acres of open space in NE Finn Hill and 2.16 acres adjacent to Juanita Heights Park.
  • Created a park and open space “hot sheet” of potential parcels of land on Finn Hill to preserve or develop as neighborhood pocket parks. Organized a tour of these with Parks, Planning, and Public Works staff from the City.
  • Participated in Juanita Drive Corridor Study Advisory Committee.
  • Participated in the County’s Park Levy Task Force. Endorsed and promoted both Kirkland and King County Park Levies.
  • Organized and held a City Council Candidate Forum.
  • Worked with the City to purchase and install school zone flashing beacons at Sandburg, FHMS, and Thoreau.
  • Coordinated with the City on a variety of other parks, planning, transportation, and land use issues.
  • Worked with the City to improve and update the Holmes Point Overlay ordinance (protecting significant trees and natural vegetation areas).
  • Worked to limit zoning changes in the absence of a Neighborhood Plan along Juanita Drive in the Holmes Point Commercial Area. Continue to build momentum to develop a Neighborhood Plan for Finn Hill, offering Alliance resources to minimize the burden on the City for doing it.


Parks and Stewardship

  • Participated in a citizens’ group advising King County Parks on plans for trail maintenance and development in Big Finn Hill Parks.
  • Organized work parties for trail maintenance, removing invasive and planting native plants in Big Finn Hill Parks.
  • Organized and led 4 “Take a walk in the park” events to introduce the neighbors to the extensive trails of Big Finn Hill Park.
  • Organized 2 work parties in the Juanita Woodlands, continuing our multi-year program of replacing diseased trees with new seedlings that will enhance the health and diversity of this 40 acre park.
  • A tremendous amount of activity has occurred in the expanded Juanita Heights Park.  Working with neighbors, Earthcorp, Applied Ecology, and Green Kirkland, we organized 7 work parties, clearing over 10,000 square feet of ivy and blackberries, & planting seeds, native trees, and shrubs.


Community and Communications

  • Developed FHNA website (www.FinnHillAlliance.org) with continuously updated content about civic and environmental issues affecting Finn Hill residents. Added monthly calendar of events, created a video about FHNA and DennyFest, kept up blogs, posted to our Facebook pages.
  • Engaged community interest and conversation via Facebook, email blasts, news releases, blogs, and interactive website.
  • Developed the FHNA database to include 926 families.
  • Produced O. O. Denny Park Trail Map and permanent signage about park and FHNA for Denny Park kiosk. Prepared for 5 more permanent signs within the park.
  • Raised $3162 for FHNA via the Seattle Foundation’s GiveBig event.
  • Held the first annual community-wide Garage Sale, mapping 11 family sales on the website.
  • Launched Finn Hill History Project whose goal is to collect information and interview first and second generation Finn Hill settlers.
  • Led Finn Hill’s first appearance – in a vintage car — as a ‘float’ in the Kirkland Fourth of July parade.
  • Attended PTA meetings to promote FHNA awareness.
  • Held an FHNA table at four Friday Juanita Farmers market events.
  • Supported Christmas Ship visit to O.O. Denny with luminaries and hundreds of cups of hot chocolate and coffee.
  • Put on one of the best-ever DennyFest celebrations in September, with great coordination, weather, sponsors, politicians, artists, childplay, dogs, pies, chiles, and spectacular live music.
  • We most recently helped the FHPRD to gather input on how to spend their remaining money as they turn the park over to Kirkland!


FHNA thanks the Finn Hill Park and Recreation District Commissioners

  • For all their work improving O.O. Denny Park
  • including improved parking lots, expanded greens, tree plantings, prunings, picnic tables, security, and a much loved new playground.


Officers and Directors

  • Scott Morris, President
  • Connie Winter, Treasurer
  • Ellen Haas, Secretary
  • Jon Pascal, Policy
  • Matthew Pruitt, Stewardship
  • Kathy Schuler, Communications
  • Kurt Brunnenkant, Community
  • Meg Tally-Hunt, Events
  • Jeanette Leach, at-large
  • Ted McCagg, at-large
  • Francesca Lyman, at-large
  • Adam White, Park Board Liaison

Income & Expense Report


Individual Donations: $7314.79
Corporate Matching: $4195.32
Interest: $7.92
DennyFest: $851.79
Total Income: $11,510.11


Administrative: $2966.36
Website/Newsletters: $3346.88
DennyFest: $1863.64
General Mtgs: $236.66
Surface Water Mgt: $31.67
Juanita Woodlands: $144.82
Total Expenses: $8590.03

Funds Balance

Operating: $14,284.16
Juanita Woodlands: $40,661.33
Reserve: $5005.51
PayPal: $552.21
Total Funds: $60,503.21 

View PDF of Annual Report, Click Here

Many thanks to all who support our work!

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