January Finn Hill Neighborhood Meeting Summary

Dear Finn Hill neighbors and friends: Here’s a snapshot of what happened at our members’ meeting on Wednesday, January 15: Bylaws amendment: The members approved an amendment to the FHNA bylaws that allows our treasurer to sign FHNA checks so long as he or she has obtained prior approval in writing from another FHNA officer. (Previously, we needed to have another office sign the checks themselves, which led to delays in issuing reimbursements to vendors and to volunteers who had purchased supplies for FHNA events like DennyFest.) The amendment affected Article V, Section 1.c of the bylaws. The revision is shown on the attached marked draft. A clean version of the revised bylaws is also attached. We’ll post the amended bylaws on the FHNA website, too.
Master Transportation Plan: Dave Godfrey of the City’s Public Works Department reviewed the City’s schedule to revise its transportation plan as a part of the Comprehensive Plan update. More information about the timetable for the plan is available on the City of Kirkland’s transportation web page.
Kirkland Comprehensive Plan Visioning:  Kirkland city officials led the audience in small group discussions about how residents want Kirkland to evolve through 2035. The groups’ input will be factored into the City’s Comprehensive Plan, which will be developed over the course of the next 18 months. Very briefly, most of the discussion groups felt that Kirkland should protect and enhance its open spaces and concentrate areas of higher residential density and commercial/retail development in specific areas around the city, which could serve as neighborhood centers. Each meeting attendee was asked to provide a single word to describe his or her vision for Kirkland in 2035. These suggestions were blended through the magic of software into a word cloud, aka a wordle. (No surprise: the prominent word in our wordle was “Green”. We’ll post it on FHNA website once it’s available from the City.)  You can find wordles from other neighborhoods, from the Planning Commission and other citizen groups the City’s 2035 educational webpage. The City’s website has a lot of additional information about the Comp Update planning process. Check it out.
Finn Hill Neighborhood Plan:  Following up on this week’s Visioning exercise (see above), the City will hold several community meetings with groups of neighborhoods to link the Comprehensive Plan Update to neighborhood plans. Because Finn Hill, Juanita, and Evergreen Hill (Kingsgate) weren’t part of Kirkland when it prepared neighborhood plans, we don’t have neighborhood plans yet. So, the City has scheduled a combined meeting for all 3 neighborhoods to get a sense of what our aspects of the Comp Plan should be tailored for our specific neighborhoods. That meeting is scheduled for February 19 at from 6pm to 8:30pm pm at the Church of the Latter Day Saints, 7910 NE 132nd Street, at the corner of Juanita Drive and 132nd. (Right here on Finn Hill.) You should already have received a flyer about the meeting.
Please make every effort to attend this meeting!  This will be a very important opportunity to present our views about Finn Hill’s future to the City’s leadership.
In addition, FHNA is preparing to continue the discussion of neighborhood planning for Finn Hill through the remainder of the year. We plan to send out a survey via email (and a website post) to solicit your comments. Stay tuned!
Updates: We mentioned the following in passing –
  • Traffic flow at the intersection of 100th and 132nd (foot of Albertson’s hill): The City held a community meeting on January 13 to review ideas to reduce congestion at this busy corner. A report will be posted to the FHNA website in the near future.
  • Public hearing on zoning amendments on January 23: The Planning Commission will take public comments on proposed zoning revisions, two of which are particularly relevant to Finn Hill – the Holmes Point Overlay ordinance and a solar panel screening ordinance.  These will be addressed in separate emails in the next day or two.
  • St. Edward Seminary building:  As previously reported, the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission held a public meeting to invite input on the fate of the aging seminary building in St. Edward Park. Comments indicated a wide variety of views. We’ll post a summary shortly. 
  • Fire Station Siting: Fire Chief Kevin Nalder reported that the City is evaluating more than 2 dozen potential sites for a new fire station on a variety of criteria, including, most notably, emergency response time for Finn Hill. It expects to reduce that list to a half dozen prime candidates in the next few months. We’ll monitor developments. You can also look for updates on the City’s Finn Hill fire station web page.


Scott Morris
Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance – President
(formerly Denny Creek Neighborhood Alliance)
www.finnhillalliance.org | 206-972-9493
PO Box 682, Kirkland WA 98083

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