Meeting Jan 14 on Rescuing St. Edward Seminary Building – Still Scheduled!

St Edward Park –

Update: The Seattle Times reports that the lease proposal summarized below has been withdrawn: However, the Parks Department is going ahead with the public hearing that it has scheduled for January 14. The time and venue have not changed. Here’s a link to the Parks Department’s news  release: 

Our original post:

Rescue for the decaying seminary building or private business taking over public land? In November, many residents of Finn Hill and other users of Saint Edward State Park were surprised to learn in an article in Crosscut about possibilities of a private developer renovating the seminary building and using it for private business. Here’s a link to the Crosscut article.

In late December, Washington State Park’s announced a public meeting to be held on January 14, 2014 at 6:30 pm, Northshore Utility District, 6830 N.E. 185th Street, Kenmore. Here’s a link to their public announcement.

At this point, most of us have more questions than answers about impact on the park and the users. The preservation of our parks and natural land ranks very high with residents of Finn Hill, so please attend the meeting, learn more about the subject and have your voice heard.

One Response to “Meeting Jan 14 on Rescuing St. Edward Seminary Building – Still Scheduled!”

  1. lisa berenson says:

    We MUST STOP this local cyber security company from leasing any part of St. Edwards Park! I have been in the architectural field for a long time. I have done projects in the past in buildings managed by Kidder Matthews as well as a cyber security company. The company was part of the Federal Government/ Contracted Company to do this work for the Federal Government. This is why no information or the company’s name has been released. 300 employees, a Cafe, a Gym Facility, PARKING; ALL FOR THEIR EMPLOYEES. What will be left of the park- NOTHING. There will be security everywhere. Also, not to mention the impact on the students of Bastyr especially now that they have some student campus housing. Juanita Drive, Kirkland, the people of Kenmore and Finn Hill and Kirkland CAN NOT accommodate 300 employees and the traffic associated with them. Also, we have a housing shortage in this area so developers are throwing up housing as fast as a putting together a box of extreme poor quality and without any consideration of the people of Finn Hill and near sourroundings. These developers are incidentally creating and building Finn Hill’s Neighborhood Comprehensive Plan. I would like my comment in this Blog shared at the public meeting. Unfortunately, I am not able to attend. Kidder Matthews and Parks Dept. MUST NOT LEASE THIS BUILDING TO THIS CYBER SECURITY COMPANY. If they have 40 + million, let them build their own builing in tge commercial area of Kirkland or in an office park in Bothell. THANK YOU. Lisa Berenson, LEED AP.