Name the First Kirkland Mayor 1905

Name the First Kirkland Mayor 1905

[by Loita Hawkinson, President of the Kirkland Heritage Society] An old African proverb reminds us that when a person dies, it is like a library burning down. Many families wish they had asked more questions, listened more intently and kept notes. They wish their loved ones had written a history, even a brief history, of what they knew about their ancestors and their own life. The information available on the web lulls people into a false sense that family history is there for all to find. That is true as far as genealogy goes, but it tells little of the family.

So please, do your family a favor and spend some of these chilly days and nights, preserving what you know of your family as far back as you remember. And if it is Kirkland based, please share a copy with KHS. Be sure to name and date those photos. Avoid Mom, Dad, me, etc. Photos will be around for over a 100 years, but memories will not.

Enjoy the Blackberry Preserves newsletter latest edition, 2014 Vol 21 Issue 1, Kirkland Heritage Society (see page 4 for the article on Kirkland’s first mayor)


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