50 to 80 Finn Hill Residents Participated in Neighborhood Plan Conversation

50 to 80 Finn Hill Residents Participated in Neighborhood Plan Conversation

About 50 to 80 Finn Hill residents attended the Kirkland Neighborhood Planning conversation from 6 – 8:30 Wed night, February 19th.  First, the organizers gave a brief introduction on the purpose of the workshops:

  1. Inform the public about neighborhood plans in the context of the Comprehensive Plan, what topics they contain and how they relate to the sections, such as land use, transportation, economic development and community character.
  2. Consult with neighborhoods to identify issues they would like addressed with the citywide update including potential changes to existing neighborhood plans.
  3. Provide an opportunity for new neighborhoods to add information to the Comprehensive Plan about their neighborhoods’ vision and values.

horizontal Finn Hill Feb19 neighborhood planningFollowing the brief intro by the city, each neighborhood, Kingsgate, Juanita and Finn Hill moved to separate rooms to discuss three aspects of their respective neighborhoods:

  1. Vision – we were asked to imagine what the future of Finn Hill looks like, then we shared our vision recorded as bullet points.
  2. We were asked what we like about Finn Hill.  Anyone who had anything to offer contributed their thoughts.
  3. We were asked what we would change about Finn Hill.  As is the nature of every community, some of us want changes and some of us do not.  A list of the controversial issues quickly generated. We will be able to give our opinions on them in various forums, at meetings, surveys, questionnaires and so on.

Some Future Issues for Discussion

  • Type of Sidewalks we want:  Curbed or trails
  • Do want more street lights or do we like that Finn Hill is not lit up at night
  • How will we balance pedestrian and bike needs
  • Natural Storm water management issues
  • Should we add height and residential living to business buildings, for example the QFC building?
  • Do we want new business areas or keep the existing
  • Should we have new traffic arterials or keep the existing
  • Should we keep the tree canopy or keep our views
  • Should we have dog parks
  • Should we manage growth through lot size

The Finn Hill Neighborhood Plan is currently underway.  If you were unable to attend the meeting Wednesday night, feel free to contribute your thoughts to the board@finnhillalliance.org or add a comment below.

Research more on the City Comprehensive Planning stages here Kirkland City Comprensive Plan Page

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