VOTE for Finn Hill Community Gardens

VOTE for Finn Hill Community Gardens

We’re on a quest to grow a healthier community and need your support! FHNA has applied for a grant to help construct a community garden on a private lot off 83rd Place NE. Starting Monday, April 1, visit or the Seeds of Change® Facebook page, “LIKE” the page and vote to help us qualify for funding!

To find our application, enter our 98034 zip code or garden name: Finn Hill Community Garden. Only the top 50 organizations move on for final consideration. You can vote once per day until April 21. Share this on your own Facebook page to help spread the word! Get growing . . . I mean going!

Sustainable community-based gardening on Finn Hill

What happens when Finn Hill land becomes available to a community of part time volunteer gardeners with a plan?  This is a question that a few of us on Finn Hill would like to investigate.

The objective is to leverage the skills of our local master gardeners to show others how to grow fresh edibles throughout the year, provide a teaching resource for our youth, demonstrate community purpose and become a reliable resource for local food banks depending on community participation.

Recently, Seeds of Change®, maker of organically grown seeds and nutritious organic food announced the return of their annual Seeds of Change® Grant Program.

Seeds of Change Grant Program

Community Garden Finn Hill logo

This year’s program will offer $190,000 in grants to encourage community gardening, school gardening, nutrition education programs, and the like.  Two $20,000 and fifteen $10,000 grants will be awarded.  The FHNA will be applying for this grant to support the development of community gardens in our neighborhood.  If you are interested to learn more, to participate, to donate, to share your knowledge and passion for growing produce, please let us know.



FHNA contact for more information is Pierre Geurts.
Use the contact form to send him an email:

A list of items and services needed to support this effort is available here.

Donated Items:
* Cedar planks, poles – smooth or rough hewn* Wheel barrows
* Shovels, rakes
* Bamboo Canes
* Crushed gravel or crushed shells for pathways
* Hoses
* Percolating hoses

Donated Services:
* Tree services
* Backhoe services
* Carpentry services

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