Kirkland Historic Property Inventory – Annexed Areas

Kirkland Historic Property Inventory – Annexed Areas

Funded by a grant from the State Department of Archaeology & Historic Preservation, a dedicated group of volunteers is working with the Kirkland Heritage Society, the City of Kirkland, and the King County Historic Preservation program to update the city’s Historic Property Inventory

Progress on the Kirkland Historic Property Inventor

A meeting is set with the City of Kirkland’s Senior Planner & the County’s Preservation Architect on March 20 to go through the finalized documents to pick out 50 properties from the total annexed area.

These will then be on the City’s Comprehensive list. A formal letter will be sent to those property owners in early June, inviting them to attend a public meeting on June 23, at Heritage Hall in the evening. All involved officials will be present to explain what it means to be on the list. It is unknown at this time which properties will be landmark quality, if any.

Property owners are in full control of their homes and any other structures on the property. There are no regulations whatsoever just because they have enough architectural integrity and significance to be among the 50 chosen. This is very important to understand.

Property is not landmarked without the owner’s full consent and involvement. It is totally their choice if indeed their homes should qualify. This will all be covered in the June 23 meeting.


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