Neighborhood Traffic Safety Grant Applications Submitted!

Neighborhood Traffic Safety Grant Applications Submitted!

The Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance (FHNA) submitted four neighborhood safety project applications to the City of Kirkland on May 8th to improve several important crossings. The grant applications are part of a new program the Kirkland City Council authorized in February 2014 and is called the Pilot Neighborhood Safety Program to address neighborhood pedestrian and bicycle safety needs.

The projects submitted by FHNA were based upon a review of over 150 project ideas submitted by residents of the neighborhood over the past two years to the City of Kirkland. Projects had to meet specific criteria: (1) be under $50,000 dollars, (2) be located on City-owned property, (3) address a transportation safety issue, and (4) be implemented in the next 18 months. There were a lot of great ideas, but the majority of project ideas were well above the $50,000 threshold, thereby making them ineligible for consideration. The project ideas that fit the criteria the best and would compete well against other submittals, were the following:

  1. NE 145th Street Marked Crosswalks
  2. 90th Avenue NE Crosswalks
  3. Juanita Drive Trail Crossing at Big Finn Hill Park
  4. Thoreau Elementary Walkway Improvements along 84th Avenue NE

The Pilot Neighborhood Safety Program is focused on the new neighborhoods (Finn Hill, Juanita Neighborhoods, and Evergreen Hill/Kingsgate) in 2014.  If successful, the Program will be implemented Citywide using 2012 voter approved safety funding from the Streets Levy. The purpose of the Program is to reenergize neighborhood associations by empowering them to work collaboratively to identify, prioritize and address pedestrian and bicycle safety issues in their neighborhood.

There is a total of $150,000 available in 2014 to award. Projects need to fall into the following categories.

  • Bicycle facility: Bike lanes or trails.
  • Crosswalks: New crosswalks, improved crosswalk ramps (ADA), crosswalk islands, and rapid flashing beacons.
  • Intersection Improvement: Signage, parking, and pedestrian “bump outs.”
  • Traffic Calming: Traffic islands, speed cushions, pedestrian “bump outs,” signage, and radar signs.
  • Walkway/Sidewalk and Trail: gravel trail, steps, curb, traffic delineators, and sidewalk.
  • Street Light: on existing utility pole or installing a light new pole.

For more information about the program see the following web site.

Proposed projects will be evaluated on their scope and quality. The evaluation will be done by a panel of Neighborhood Leaders and Chamber of Commerce Representative with the final approval by City Council. The criteria for evaluation will be based upon the following categories.

  • Technical City staff safety score
  • Neighborhood and community support
  • Neighborhood and community benefit
  • Community participation in implementation
  • Budget that is well planned and realistic
  • Readiness to complete project within 18 months
  • Address maintenance needs

Results should be announced by the end of June.




2 Responses to “Neighborhood Traffic Safety Grant Applications Submitted!”

  1. Connie Winter says:

    Nice job putting this together! Let’s hope we’re able to get some funding for these.

  2. Janice Gerrish says:

    I am glad to see the trail project reach the grant phase.
    I would like to see the two sides of the park connected.