Attend the Neighborhood Plan Workshop Tuesday, June 10 at 6pm

Attend the Neighborhood Plan Workshop Tuesday, June 10 at 6pm

This is a last-minute reminder that the City of Kirkland will hold another set of workshops tomorrow night on neighborhood plans for the Finn Hill, Juanita, and Evergreen Hill (Kingsgate). The workshops will be held at the Latter Day Saints Church at 7910 NE 132nd – right here on Finn Hill, at the corner of 132nd and Juanita Drive. The event starts at 6:00pm with free pizza. More details are available on the City’s website.
This session follows up on a set of workshop earlier in the year in which residents expressed their concerns and desires for the future of Finn Hill. The City collected the comments that were made at that meeting and will report back to us on how they may be incorporated into the Kirkland’s Comprehensive Plan.

Neighborhood Planning Meeting - Feb 2014

Neighborhood Planning Meeting – Feb 2014

In anticipation of this week’s workshop, the FHNA board forwarded a note to the Planning Department suggesting several items for discussion. See attachment. Most of these were raised during the earlier workshop. (Some of the items on the list relate to City planning initiatives that will not necessarily be addressed tomorrow night – for example, the City’s Park Recreation Open Space Plan (PROS Plan) and its transportation and surface water management plans. FHNA is monitoring these plans as well.)
We hope you will make every effort to attend tomorrow’s session. It is an important opportunity to shape our future on Finn Hill. And the free pizza is pretty good, too.
Scott Morris
Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance – President
(formerly Denny Creek Neighborhood Alliance)
PO Box 682, Kirkland WA 98083
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