Enjoy the holiday, but remember: The Fourth of July is no holiday for our animals!

Enjoy the holiday, but remember: The Fourth of July is no holiday for our animals!

Do you love a parade? Are you a walker or hiker? FHNA seeks members to walk with our brigade in the old fashioned Kirkland Fourth of July parade. If you’re interested, please be in touch. Thanks!

Here are Some Easy Tips for Pet Safety

A couple years ago, a 15 year old large breed dog belonging to a Finn Hill neighbor ran off from her home during the  fireworks.  She barely survived and was only found after six days, parched and dying in the woods of O.O. Denny Park — by a fellow dog. She did survive and  lived for many months afterwards, but she is a lesson for us foolish  humans.

DFest2012BrownDogEven though Kirkland officially bans them, the Fourth of July is synonymous with fireworks. Yet for a good percentage of animals, with a very keen sense of hearing, fireworks are synonymous with ‘frightening.’ The sounds of  fireworks can place them in acute distress and cause them to be  disoriented, say public health experts; some 80 percent of pet owners report such reactions. Just as this Finn Hill dog fled in fear, a good  number of pets are so disoriented they run away and get lost.

Each year animal shelters experience an increase in  the number of calls about lost or injured animals on the Fourth of July, according to King County’s Animal Care and Control experts. This years, as always, Regional Animal Services of King County (RASKC) is ready for a population boom brought on by Fourth of July fireworks, as animal shelters around the nation fill up with strays that were spooked by the bangs, booms, and pops of the holiday.

RASKC is teaming up with Missing Pet Partnership to  assist owners looking for stray pets after the holiday through the innovative “Mission Reunite: Help and Hope for Lost Pets” program.”Pets don’t understand what the noise is all about, and  they can get frightened very easily,” said Dr. Gene Mueller, RASKC Manager. “In addition, their hearing is far more sensitive than ours, so loud noises have an even bigger impact on our pets.” He encourages residents to properly prepare their pets for a stressful few days surrounding July 4th.mandy 2

Here are some tips:

  1. Make sure your pets are wearing tags, either a pet license, or a microchip. Tagged pets have a greater chance of being returned  to their owners.
  2. Keep your pets indoors, in the quietest room possible. Give them plenty of reassurance. Play soothing music! (Chuck at  Dooley’s Dog House says his 15 year old doggie Dooley suggests Vivaldi. He also recommends veterinary “Rescue Remedy” by Bach Flower Remedies.
  3. If pet owners follow a few preventive steps now, say King County officials, they can reduce the chances that their pet will get lost on the holiday, and increase the chances of recovery if they do get away. More tips here: http://www.kingcounty.gov/safety/regionalAnimalServices/News/2013/June/27PetsFireworks.aspx

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