Kirkland 2035: Your Voice. Your Vision. Your Future.

From the The City of Kirkland 2035 Project Team:

Over 160 residents, business representatives, and community members participated. Results of the comments we heard on existing and future Neighborhood Plans have been posted to the Kirkland 2035 Learning Center webpage (under “Neighborhood Plan Sessions”). Posted are the notes from each meeting, public comments, and slideshow presentation.

The next steps will be to pare down the list of comments received on the Neighborhood Plans from the first and second sessions with the Planning Commission to determine potential changes to the Neighborhood Plans as part of the Comprehensive Plan update. Most of the comments related to transportation, park and storm water improvements will be addressed in the Transportation Master Plan, the Park, Recreation, & Open Space (PROS) Plan, Capital Improvement Program, or other City plans or programs. In late fall and early winter, the Planning Commission will consider revisions to the neighborhood plans, including comments from the Neighborhood Plan Update workshop sessions. You will receive a listserv notice when the draft revisions will be considered.

Thank you for your continued interest and participation in “Kirkland 2035: Your Voice. Your Vision. Your Future.”  Please email us at should you have questions about the Comprehensive Plan Update or other Kirkland 2035 plans.

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