September Events: Attend DennyFest and the Deer Meadow Planting in the Woodlands

September Events: Attend DennyFest and the Deer Meadow Planting in the Woodlands

Finn Hill friends and neighbors:

This is a quick note to alert you to 2 community events coming up in September.

DennyFest, Sunday, September 7

Yes, it’s our annual neighborhood celebration in O.O. Denny Park from noon to 4pm. As always the music will be terrific – Geoffrey Castle and his band will be back, joined by Bochinche, a fantastic Afro-Caribbean group – and the chili and pies will be great, and the dog show will be fun… and it will all be free!

The bouncy house, the fortune teller, the magician, the crafts table will be there, along with plenty of food and beverages. I could go on, but I hope you’ve heard enough to make plans to swing by O.O. Denny on the afternoon of Sunday, September 7. Don’t miss it!

For more information, stay tuned at the DennyFest page.

Juanita Woodlands Volunteer Event, Saturday, September 27

Over the past few years, many of you have helped restore the Juanita Woodlands by planting over 5000 trees and removing seemingly endless mats ivy, blackberries, and archangel. This year, we’ve got something different in mind: we’re going to clear out a meadow for the deer that frequent the Woodlands.

We’ll be heading into the deep recesses of the park (sort of – the Woodlands aren’t that extensive), so you get to do a little exploring while lending a hand to Mother Nature and her creatures. (See picture below of local Woodlands residents. Did you spot the cottontail?)

We hope you’ll join us on the 27th, check out this previous post for more information. Additional details to come.


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