Big Finn Hill Park Work Party Success

Big Finn Hill Park Work Party Success

Every year about this time, the woods become alive with activity. Environmental and Adventure School (EAS) students are back in our beloved parks for their valued contributions to our healthy Finn Hill ecosystem.

Today they tackled a patch in Big Finn Hill Park that has been receiving much TLC over the last couple of years.   Initially Microsoft attacked the large blackberry patch pulling, pushing and tearing it back 40 feet from the trail. EAS followed closely on their heels and planted a diverse selection of cedar, doug fir, hemlock, Indian plum, elderberry last fall. Blackberries are persistent, so aren’t giving up and neither are we. Today we tackled the large vines creeping in from the edge, the ones missed last year and the babies germinating from blackberry seeds. This will give our trees and bushes a chance to keep growing. We were very surprised and pleased to discover we’d had > 98% survival of last fall’s tree planting (i.e. 2 deaths of 100+ plants) despite the long hot summer. That’s incredible, good job planting team.

A pleasant aspect of a work party with EAS students is that it isn’t all work. They know the word “adventure” is their school’s middle name, and sure enough, we found a number of critters for further exploration and educational interludes.

THANKS EAS! We will welcome you back.

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