How to View Development Proposals in Your Neighborhood

How to View Development Proposals in Your Neighborhood


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Neighborhood Leaders:

Have you missed the Hot Sheet?

This new tool replaces the Hot Sheet – and provides you with up-to-date information on all developments (large and small) in the Kirkland permitting process. It is easy to access the information. Just following the instructions below. Give this a try and let us know if you have any questions.

Click here:  – then click on the map titled KIRKLAND MAPS (shown at right). There are also tutorials on this page.

By Parcel

View all permit information on a property.

  1. Zoom into Parcels – select an area on the map and zoom into that property. Zoom by double clicking on the map or using the + button.ViewParcels-1
  2. Left-click on the property lot and an info box will display.ViewParcels-2
  3. Click on the “Parcel and Permit History” and a new window will appear listing permits available from MBP.ViewParcels-3
  4. Click on the Case Number, it will open permit details from MBP. Please note: there are multiple tabs on this window. You can navigate around different tabs and browser remembers the last tab you visited.


By Neighborhood/Area

View permit activities around a neighborhood

  1. Check the Development Permits checkboxViewNeighborhood-1
  2. Click on the +/- sign to expand or collapse the group layers
  3. Check or uncheck the layer to display the type of permitsViewNeighborhood-2
  4. Click the legend arrow to see the map legend.
  5. ViewNeighborhood-3Map shows the selected types of permits, zoom in for more detail. Note: Dots on the map indicate permitting activities.ViewNeighborhood-4

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