Kirkland Residents are Invited to Comment on the Kirkland Surface Water Master Plan


Kirkland residents are invited to provide comments by October 29th on the 2014 Surface Water Master Plan. The plan identifies programs and projects that will be used by the City to protect us from flooding and to improve and protect our streams, lakes, and stormwater systems over the next 10 years.

Surface water in Kirkland is managed for public safety and for the benefit of all who fish and swim in our streams and lakes. The City has a strong connection to the water and natural environment and its Surface Water Utility is a steward of these resources with goals to manage surface water and stormwater so that:

• Flooding is reduced
• Water quality is improved
• Stormwater Infrastructure is protected and maintained
• Aquatic habitat conditions are improved

Plan documents are online at:

The Finn Hill portion of the plan is included as an appendix of the plan at:

Comments provided by Finn Hill residents will be included in a FHNA letter to Kirkland Public Works to communicate suggestions and changes to Kirkland’s 10-year surface water plan. To provide a comment, please use the comment feature for this blog.

2 Responses to “Kirkland Residents are Invited to Comment on the Kirkland Surface Water Master Plan”

  1. Luigi says:

    Thanks, Leah!

  2. luigi says:

    Here are my comments to Jenny Gaus at Kirkland Public Works about the draft 2014 Kirkland Surface Water Master Plan:

    This is quite a document. Congratulations for completing the plan and reaching this significant milestone!

    Here are my comments:

    • It is difficult to understand how the sequence of CIP projects was determined. For example, on page XIX, why schedule CH-02 in 2015 but push out CDE-01 to 2021? Some rationale or rating criteria would help there – e.g., budget-driven? Impact-driven?
    • It would be ideal to have a neighborhood pivot or grouping for work on the ground. For example, what are the roads, storm water, CIP, parks, etc. projects planned for my neighborhood next year? What are the projects that are currently underway in a given neighborhood?
    • Where are the sampling sites for water quality, macro invertebrates, etc. in sub-basins across the city? What are the sampling intervals? How will results be used to determine additional efforts?
    • The Denny Creek sub-basin includes the presence of fish species that you mentioned. Other wetland and riparian species that should be included for Denny Creek: Great blue heron, mallards and other ducks, bald eagles, beaver, deer, Pacific chorus frogs, and belted kingfisher.
    • Additional projects that were not mentioned or not prominent in the plan:
    o Re-watering the tributary of Denny Creek immediately south of the Big Finn lacrosse field. Diversion of water from this tributary to the bioswale and drainage for the lacrosse field continues to aggravate flood-prone residences immediately downstream. The de-watered tributary is listed as sensitive wetland on the Kirkland sensitive areas map. Let’s discuss details.
    o Completion of maintenance tasks of the bioswale south of the lacrosse field at Big Finn Hill Park.
    o Removal of the concrete bulkhead along the lake shore at OO Denny park.

    Thanks! Any comments about my comments? 🙂