Art is Everywhere!

Art is Everywhere!

Fall is here, and as I walk my dog through the trails of Big Finn Park I see an abundance of natural beauty that inspires the artist in me. The colors seem to be more intense than I remember. The leaves on the trees are brilliant against the sky, and the leaves on the ground fall in layers of color that are rich and lush. There are so many different mushrooms sprouting up daily…they are everywhere. At every turn there is a visual treasure. Oh to be able to translate what I see  with paint on paper…..

Recently several Finn Hill residents who are artists got together and began talking about connecting and forming a group of fellow creative individuals. We are officially “The Finn Hill Artists Alliance” and are looking for anyone who is interested in joining us! We talked about the possibilities of a future artist’s studio tour, art show and sale, finding a gallery venue, creating artist cards and more. Be a part of the conversation…we would love to connect with you!

For more information, call Cheryl Brown at 206-778-9234, or email

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Photos by Leah Berner

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