Ellen Haas Kiosk at OO Denny Park

Ellen Haas Kiosk at OO Denny Park

The Ellen Haas Kiosk is officially named at OO Denny Park.

When you stroll over the bridge to the park shelter at O.O. Denny Park, you’re likely to pass the park kiosk. hidden under the trees. That unobtrusive kiosk, where you can find maps, neighborhood news, and interesting items of interest on the flora and fauna of the park, now has a name. It’s being officially dedicated to one of the park’s most hard working community leaders and volunteers, Ellen Haas. She was not only the ‘keeper of the kiosk’ but much more.

Ellen at April 2010 general meeting_1

Ellen Haas at a general meeting in 2010

Many of you know Ellen–it’s no exaggeration to say that for she is a local Finn Hill legend. Ellen’s tireless work over three decades connected people to a purpose, that of saving Denny Creek and OO Denny Park. She is recognized and celebrated with this plaque for her leadership and dedication since the early 1990s as an early pioneer in forming the Denny Creek Neighborhood Alliance (DCNA). The Alliance was dedicated  to caring for the plants, animals, birds, and the natural landscape around Denny Creek. Read about the genesis of the Denny Creek Neighborhood Alliance. Contributor: Francesca Lyman

Ellen Haas - OO Denny Park  Kios

Ellen Haas – OO Denny Park Kiosk

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